32 oz Crowler
32 oz Crowler
32 oz Crowler

32 oz Crowler

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 Week 5 of our Crowler series is the ‘Lake Lager.'

This is the last one from our 'Pilot Batch' program and is available in very LIMITED QUANTITIES. (200 crowlers total) With that in mind, we are limiting 2 per customer (no 3 packs) in an effort to get beer in the hands of more people.

The Lager is arguably America's favorite beer.  A beer generally characterized by lighter bodies, little to no bitterness and a low ABV are sure to be seen being toted away by the dozens at the end of any good day.  Here at LABC, we embrace those lengthy drinking sessions and wanted to produce a crispy boy of our own. Behold, the Lake Lager, a straight up American Craft Lager brewed to hang with the best of em.'  

ABV: 5.1%


Pickup window is:

Saturday 4/25 from 1-4

Must show photo ID at time of pickup.

*Available in limited quantities for curbside pickup ONLY.  We will not ship Crowlers.